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Solar With Battery Storage

New to 2022, is it worth it? lets see. 

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Q. What is the Average Install Cost for Solar Panels?

A. in 2010 for a 2.6kW system it would cost over £12,000. move on to now and that same system is well under 50% less!

2022, what a horrible year it has been, Covid-19, Energy Companies going into administration at what sometimes feels like 3 companies a day. This is due to the raw cost of energy they are being charged. luckily for us our energy was capped in Jan 2019 to make sure we don't get charged a huge amount for our energy.. or is it? In a way yes. but in Feb 2022 Ofgem announced they would increase the Cap allowing energy suppliers to pass their higher cost onto us, It doesn't stop their I am afraid, its due to go up again in October meaning another hike in energy prices. 

We cant stop the energy prices from rising, but we can help reduce our bills, get a smart energy monitor to view your current usage and turn things off. 

Have you thought about solar? I would guess so as your reading this. Solar is a brilliant way of helping lower your bills, help the environment and looking into the future. You can produce electricity from the Sun, and feed it into your home and run your appliances from it. Even better you can now install battery storage too, not only can you save money while the sun is out. you can save your battery until the evening, let it power your lights, TVs or Charge your car. 


The cost of installation has dropped from an average of £13,000 to £5,500 for a 2.4kW system is now the time? we think so.. 


Feel free to give us a call, we are bringing Solar Panel installs as a service in Sept 2022 so why wait, book now for a survey before it gets busy,  

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