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ShieldELEC to be doing Solar with Battery Storage THIS YEAR!

After completing the solar install course back in 2011 when the Feed in Tariff was i believe at 56p per kwh we came in too late, the FIT "Feed in Tariff" dropped massively and people started to cancel their installs.

this was very disheartening after the effort of doing the courses. Well.... Fast Forward to 2022.. the FIT has gone below 6p per unit, but guess what?

Were coming back... with the huge crisis currently happening with rising energy prices, the ban of gas on new building sites we can only see good things for the future of Solar.

Now with the added bonus of the battery storage, these were not in general reach back in 2011 but are a huge game changer in the world of solar, this means that you don't need to export 100% of your un-used energy. Store it.. Save it for the evening, Charge up your car, use it to heat your immersion heater.. even better use the energy to heat your swimming pool! options are unlimited.

Keep an eye out on our site for details or book us in now for a future survey.

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